See Me Now? - Ce'Asia Williams

Yeah you see me




You see me. Living just like you, matter of fact better than you.

All of the evil you wished upon me and mine is comin’ back to to haunt you and yours.

For centuries you beat me.

Hurt me.

Tore me to strains.

Tried to turn my name to dust.

And tried to erase all traces of my people.

But now, you’re going to feel me.

You get down.

You clean my sheets.

And you better not get this jacket dirty.

Feel me now ?

Now I am screaming back, way louder, with much more force, much more power.

Hear me now?

Yeah, you see me.

You see that I’m just as alive.

Just as smart .

Just as rich.

And way finer than you could ever be.

I ain’t no cotton picking negro.

You see me now?

Written from “High Yella Masterpiece: We Ain’t No Cotton Pickin’ Negroes”

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