Strange Fruitz - Riti Pathak

At first glance, America seems like a country of love

A marketplace of ideas-what a free world we live in!

Glitter and rhinestones-what a pretty world we live in!

Lavish lace lining-what a lovely world we live in!

Flowers, pink and orange and white, a blooming environment for all Americans

Red a symbol for its patriotism


But what if that red was created using the blood of African bodies?

Would this world still be as lovely, as pretty, as free?

That blood left over from the hundreds of lynching’s

A closer look at our nation

At the very foundation, we see black legs dangling from the top

These people aren’t supported by the system, they are hanging by its threads

And yes I mean hanging

This country hides its iceberg of problems just underneath the top of the water

In an age where people get offended more by the prospect of being called racist than racism

We thought lynching was over

After all, isn’t America the land of the free and the home of the brave?

Isn’t America a land for equality?

But “suspicious” deaths like that of Raynard Jackson suggest otherwise

Found hanging from a pecan Tree June 15, 2017

2017 I repeat

This racism, this violence is not over

This discrimination in a nation full of domination by the racists

The end to this racism starts with us

Written from “Strange Fruitz”

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