A Union of Confederates - Netra Rastogi

Who is represented by the stars and the stripes;

By the red, white, and blue;

By the designing and sewing and displaying and burning of this cloth?

Is it the man and woman of the American Dream

Or the Reaper of the American soul?


Fabric and bodies are dangling

From this cloth that is hanging on a pole,

Held upright by the American soil

That mounted the lives we love to fight over.


We are told that liberation is on the horizon

Yet we are still bound to incarceration and indirect servitude,

With tired hands forced behind broken backs,

Tied together by handcuffs of hatred.


If our past is written by the war-waging men

And our present is plagued by the American pride,

What is to become of our future with a fatal flag hanging over us?


It seems as though the unraveling of a nation

Began with the threading of a flag.

Written from “Unraveling”

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