Hanging Fruit

The sparkle of dew on the leaves

The rustling of grass in the wind

The brightness of the spring blooms

The life breathing within


The beauty of nature

But only that that the Earth provides

Humans can take no responsibility for the beauty

Only the horridness and lies


We are a species rooted in hate

And the evidence hangs above

The fruits of our evil

Dangling ripe and hung


But how dare we let them climb down the tree

To join the colorful plane

Only slight whispers in the wind

Hidden and shaded they’ll remain


So we sit under the fruit tree

Darkness looms above

Don’t look up, they say

Don’t look up


Stare straight ahead

The beauty lies in a thin plane

Their bones below and their feet above

Yet we say let freedom ring


Let freedom ring

From the mountains to the seas

But that doesn’t include you

If you’re hanging from the tree

Written from “Strange Fruitz”

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